• 2 weeks ago

Me and my wife came down and joined my mom and my dad and my aunt on a trip over to Las Vegas. We were staying there for a full 8 days. We got rooms that connected together and we stayed there for the whole 8 days. The 1st day that we were there me and my wife went back up to our room and we kind of peaked inside my parents and my aunt’s room and we caught my dad and my aunt having sex. My mother was down in the casino and I told her what I saw. She told me that dad and her sister have been having sex for a couple of years now and that she was ok with it. I told my wife what my mother told me and I ask my wife if she would be ok if me and my mother had sex. My wife said she was ok with it because of her and her father having sex. So I told my mother that I wanted to show her something up our room. Thats when I seduced my mother into having sex with me. We had sex everyday the we were in Vegas. My mother was great in bed. I could tell that she enjoyed it everytime we had sex. My dad and aunt never found out about that week.

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