• 2 weeks ago

Ah, I remember what I thought initially of this young woman I met in 2016. Initial thoughts were “Woah, she’s wearing sandals. I shook her hand which was kind of damp, probably nervous at work… I noticed the sandals, and thought “if she only knew” even though I’m not like that. I am but I try not to be inappropriate UNLESS I know she’s alright with it.

I mentioned the new girl to a guy I worked with, she hired a new one and he goes yeah, she’s 21. My exact words were “well, that writes it off for me…” Stiff competition for her too. She were stepping in the shoes of women, more than one, a string who adored me. I was alright, we spent time, I missed them, I know they missed me, but I understood. This guy also called her a snob. I guess he knew her somehow?

Turns out, she wasn’t anything like that. Not towards me, and I grew to like her quite a bit. She was persistent with me in very sweet ways. It wasn’t just being nice either. I’m not stupid, it was, but it was different. It sided me over to her. I would have trashed my rules and went for it with her. I tried, but I was too late.

BTW I saw her feet in pictures AFTER and they were freaking hot. So was she.

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