• 2 weeks ago

There was this hooker, barely legal… and I first boffed her 6 weeks after she turned 18, when she was about 7 months pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. I met with her at Motel 6 a few more times, the last having been 10 days prior to her due date, when she was deliciously rotund, with everything firm and fine on a freshly-18yo body. Now, it’s years later, and she gave that first kid a first name which almost nobody has, so it is easy to google the kid. I can find a sharp online photo of that very same kid, and it somehow means something that I was so near to the mom when the kid was mere days away from being born into this world.

The mom had another child during the same calendar year.

But, you know, the mom seems to be doing fairly well now… having learned a trade, and seeming to be making ends meet in a nearby city.

Last time I saw a picture of “mom”, her face looked universally attractive (and I couldn’t view the rest).

I once arranged to meet the mom at Motel 6, and I sense that she spent what was perhaps her last $59 for the one-night bill there… and I’m glad that I came through dependably with $500 for the young, not-yet-mom.

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