• 2 weeks ago

“FBI” defamed me. BentleyBlaze, Stfumatthew, MatthewBailey of Middlesboro, Kentucky still posting on YouTube as Fugitive Weed was not legal in Kentucky even medically. It’s a Bully that defamed me. It’s my dream to be high when i want and drunk with unlimited debit card with my own house car and friends and shopping plus social media, Vlogs PUT BACK COSTCO vlog with Kristian bc its faced turned to 21 Chromosomes on camera and its not a joke against retardation it Happened. it already wrecked and went back to a bong and drank WhiteClaws in the car. at tn jury duty they said u cant even sleep drunk with keys not in ignition in ur car PLUS matt does por_ for pay and DAILYHIGHCLUB owes me MONEY for helping an ILLEGAL. CUMBERLANDGAP coffee house helped it CLOSE THEM, FINE AND JAIL THEM PLZ (any errors not intended as this story was TRUE)

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