• 2 weeks ago

I sometimes want to scream at my mother that she just needs to shut the fuck up and not take everything as a goddamn attack. Truly i love her so much really i do, but… Everything is meant to hurt her feeling or is a directed comment about her or is unfair to her and it gets so god damn annoying and frustrating. She needs to honestly just give it a rest and realize that her view on everything is the reason her life fucking sucks. The problem mainly comes in because one thing doesn’t go her way or is an inconvenience or is a repeated issue that she feels only happens to her (which it usually isn’t but even when it is, the only reason it seems like that is because we (me and my father) don’t fucking mention it and cry a river about every fucking time) she lets it affect her mood for the next hour AT LEAST and then keeps the frustrated tone in her voice with every conversation she has going forward. But to make it even worse every time she gets upset, she feels need to remember and point out everything someone hasn’t done or did wrong or and basically saying that because it wasn’t done or wasn’t done right is basically because we never listen to her or care about her. Like no that’s not why, maybe just maybe it’s because the entire world doesn’t fucking revolve around you! I know that we do make it seem that way since we cater to you hand and foot but we only do that so that we don’t have to deal with her fucking temper tantrums, we have our own problems and mental illnesses and not every single person is able to think about why they should this one thing to make your life easier every time no matter how many times they have done it. Everything has to fucking be done her way or how she would have done it or it’s wrong and inconsiderate. I am just so damn over it, she really is a wonderful person though which makes it so much more frustrating because i know that that isn’t who she is but sometimes it is really hard to remember that.

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