• 5 days ago

There was this retarded kid at a park I used to go smoke at cuz no one ever went there since it flooded. But he was walking nearby and started talking to me and asked me what I was doing and about my life and shit and I started getting mad at him so I told him to shut up and he said “I don’t have many friends. Will you be my friend?” And I said “I’ll be your friend if you suck my dick.” Joking and then he timidly scooted closer to me and then his hand went to my crotch and I felt his hand touch the outline of my dick and I started getting hard and then I felt so good because I knew it was so wrong, so I stood up enough to pull my pants down a bit and let my dick come out so he could get to it with his mouth and then I fucked his throat without letting him breathe the whole time and when I let go of his head he fell to the ground and my cum was running out of his mouth. Kinda similar to your story, but yeah.