• 5 days ago

I am not going to be disrespected and talked to like a fucking dog by a 11 year old and a fifteen year old. When their mother loses me as a babysitter and is unable to get another one (due to her brats’ inability to be decent and respectful) perhaps then she will teach her kids some decency. I won’t hold my breath because it’ll never happen. The 11 year old is already questioning why none of her extended family invites her over or takes her along with her sister on sleepovers or outings anymore. It’s because she’s a fucking brat who’s been coddled and waited on hand and foot and thinks she can do whatever the fuck it is she wants and say whatever the fuck she wants. She lies. She steals. She manipulates. She talks back. She’s demanding and bossy. Self entitled. Selfish. Argumentative. Doesn’t give a fuck how her behavior or the mean things she says affects others and I could go on and on but I’m just plain tired of it. When I’m approved for my apartment, I’m out of here and will never come back to this hellhole again. My sister will then be forced to quit her job and have to watch her little brats herself. Then with barely any money and having to sit with her kids say in and day out, she’ll spiral into depression again. Maybe that’s karma. I left a cushy job and a house overseas to come back here to help my sister with things but I never dreamed it was this bad. I pray they seek some sort of therapy to help them because I am not qualified to deal with this rubbish.