• 2 months ago

There is only one way to make sure no more felonies, no more dictatorships or fascist regimes, no more disgusting ugliness, no more religious nutjob extremists, no more bloodshed, no more cowardice and messed up severe mental diseases and retardation, no more terrorists and no more fucked up stuff and no more disgusting and ugly and disturbing shits will ever happen and that’s by KILLING ALL MEN AND ABORTING ALL MALE FETUSES!! YEAH BABY! KILL ALL MEN AND ABORT ALL MALE FETUSES! Just look at the revolting shit men leave online and you’ll see one of infinite number of reasons why we can save the world by KILLING ALL MEN AND ABORTING ALL MALE FETUSES. Men are all that was and is wrong with the world and our world will become a heaven as soon as this will be done. 😀