• 2 months ago

Men are ugly. Their faces are ugly. Their bodies are ugly. Their hair and thin skin are ugly and gross. Their soul is ugly. Their skull is ugly. Their thoughts are ugly. Their lies are ugly. Their delusions and genitals are also very ugly and vomit level disgusting. Their minds are ugly af too. How they try hard to always use cheats and excuses and vile ways and unfair advantages and even threats in a failed attempt to keep the fact that they’re far inferior than even parasites hidden and to oppress women since they know in a fair situation it becomes crystal clear how superior women are in all aspects is also very ugly and pathetic. How men are always hallucinating such as tripping that they can bother others is also very ugly and disgusting. Men are degenerate chromosome-faulty parasites. You can see it from the garbage that goes through their sick heads. They are truly revolting and mentally flawed and diseased. Men are useless and a shame on humanity. Men are invalids. Men are useless shit. Men are the most undesirable infestations ever. GOOSH GOOSH them all with the same result. They’re useless and only do #####ed up crimes and felonies and harms and make everyone vomit by their diseased existence and delusions anyways. Kill them all and abort all male fetuses. The planet deserves to have sane caring healing respectable wise people aka ladies taking care of it and making it a place of growth and love and peace and respect for all. Men are and always have been all that’s wrong in this world and the world will be heaven as soon as all men are killed and all male fetuses aborted. Or nature taking its course faster and making that faulty degenerate Y chromosome get removed from existence. 🙂