• 1 week ago

I would honestly say she is the only heart I may have broken. I also honestly believe part of her problem was a perceived card holding power I had, which I never saw it that way.

I got my heart broken by only one woman and much more than one way over and over and over again over an extended period of time for about 8 years. I wish she had just left me. That would have been light and easy dream compared to everything, but that wouldn’t have good enough for her. She enjoyed ever bit of it.

Broke one heart, had my heart severely broken once, everything else was just stupid mickey mouse bullshit that shouldn’t be considered anything, and with the lessons I have learned from all of it, any and all separations and rejections I may have recieved since my own heart break were taken really really easy. The right way. I know a few women who could vouch for that. They were handled properly and I guarantee most of them STILL and always will hold a certain level of respect and love for me because of it. I guarantee it.

Lessons learned on my part. I do not fight or fuss for anything. Under any circumstances.