• 2 weeks ago

Its hysterical, you talked more about your “EX” wife a “prude” than the whore of a wife you got stuck with. LOL….sounds like you are a little bitter. Your wife is your nightmare. Your ex wife….loved you at one time. But that time is dead. Enjoy the whore. You sound like you are two pigs in mud together. FILTHY pigs. I find guys like you…to be a joke. PS. I am a woman. I have never cheated on a man. Nor have any desire to be a slut. Am i wild? ….lol…that’s for me to know…and you to never find out. Enjoy your predatory whore. (Your words)…just word of caution … get STD tested darlin. Your gonna need to invest in stock lol….joke is on you 😀