• 4 months ago

I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. Do you feel love? or Lust for me? Not that I will let you touch me outside marriage.

Truth is, I have NO idea how you feel about me. What once was love is changing. I care deeply for you. I do not hate you. I just am tired of this pandemic. of your inaction. I just am.

I don’t know any more if what I feel is love. Like it used to be in the beginning. I loved you. I just now, after years apart. Living long distance. Am changing. I feel like I deserve better than this.

But truthfully,

I don’t know. I do know I cherish your friendship. You are an awesome friend. Your prayers are powerful. I love you for praying for me.

You have been the best friend and teacher i ever had. But there are times, i feel i should let you go.

What do you think? I don’t want to lose you. But i don’t want to feel forced into this. NOr do i want you to feel forced. i want you to LOVE me. to truly 100% full on love me. IF you don’t understand what love is. Maybe you should research it.

Think also…of how to woo a girl to love you in return. Because right now? i’m falling out of love with you. YOu are neglectful. Im sad. I do love you as a friend. But as for anything else? i have a lot of doubts.

You don’t act happy or excited. You seem soooo poker faced. just like nothing there. I feel sorry for you. You guard your heart soooo powerfully and you keep it off limits. Careful what you wish for. you might just get it.

I’m tired of fighting for you. Wnen you just sit like a bump on a log. doing NOTHING to return the strength. and the fight…i’m also…worth fighting for. You seem to forget that. Eh…maybe God has a plan. and that future plan…doesnt include you. I dunno.
Only God knows. I just know….i hope you will wake up…to the gifts in your life. Because i’m about ready to leave. You truly have NO idea. do you? You probably think..you have me all figured out. and i’ll stay. forever.


No hon. thats in a disney movie. its NOT real life. If you treat someone very neglectful..and with a lot of inaction. They will leave you. It begins in the mind…then it flows into your physical life. They will leave. Even if you think they wont. They do.