• 7 days ago

Hey asshole! A little reality check for that disgusting cuban HOA whore of yours. Yam(i)s are a just a side dish and no matter how bad they want to be the main dish they’ll always be nothing more than a side dish, one that is usually kind of mushy and disgusting but people try to dress them up to make them tolerable. But in the end they always end up getting scraped into the trash where they belong. Enjoy pretending to be happy today while she has you trying to play the new daddy role to her daughters already since you’re own children and grandchildren are going to be with the parent who knows how to act like an actual family and not run from one whore to the next like you always have. The least you could have done was tried to find one that wasn’t so fucking ugly too. But then again most pretty girls have enough self esteem to not go after married men like the fucking whore that she is so there’s that. You might fool her for now but I know that deep down inside you’re miserable and missing out on being with your real family and not your whore of a replacement and her girls but have fun with that shit! And you can go ahead and tell her what a disgusting fucking low class whore everyone thinks she is or soon will know that she is.