• 7 days ago

As a kid going through puberty I had an attraction to an girl who was my cousin through marriage. She was a couple of years younger than me, and I don’t know what it was i would fantasize about to the two of us just having sex constantly. Years down the road after my uncle & her mom divorced I had forgotten about it. I’ve seen her few times as an adult, but never pursued the fantasy as it was because of a death in the family. Well the other day I was watching some porn and a chick in one of the videos looked like her in one of the fantasies I had where we were adults. You couldn’t see the guys face so I just imagined it was me on bottom and her riding me. I was rock hard before pulling my dick out & blew my load really quick. Now I can’t stop fantasizing about the two of us having some crazy sex, and I’m also starting to wonder if the fantasies were more than fantasies and if we actually did have sex growing up. We were always close growing up and the 2 of spent a lot of time together alone. One memory that I always thought was a dream. She was over at our house with her brother and sister. I remember her being bored with they were playing with my sister and we go into the bathroom for some reason. Well things start to happen and next thing I know my dick is out & rock hard and she’s touching it going ooohh its so big. After that we start kissing and then we’re on the floor going at like crazy & just trying to figure everything out. There were a few other ones like one where we snuck out at night to go skinny dipping in her dad’s above ground pool cause we thought it would be fun since we had just found out what skinny dipping was and had sex in the pool. I always thought they were extremely lucid dreams and fantasies until now & I’m thinking thinking it might have been more than that a few times. Hell I got hard just thinking about her while writing this. Anyway I just had to get that off my chest. I don’t think we’ll ever do anything like that again if those dreams and fantasies were more than that. We’re both married to someone else and live pretty far apart.