• 7 days ago

You dont get to move on Siren. Now that I know you loved me, you have to give me a proper chance to love you, or Ill make sure were both dead before you turn 25. Let me start over, lets start over, reset, give me one chance, I’ll turn over a new leaf, and if I fuck up, you can move on. But if you dont give me that chance, if you dont give me a real, honest chance, I will fucking take pleasure in destroying you and everything you love. Now that I know you loved me, I will never be able to move on, and that means I’ll NEVER LET YOU MOVE ON EITHER. GIVE ME A CHANCE TO MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE OR I WILL BE YOUR ETERNAL NIGHTMARE! I will post ALL of your fucking nudes on all of the fuckign websites with your actual fucking name as well as your twitter and instagram handles if you dont fucking contact me before sunday. Then I’ll start harassing your best friends because you made me lose mine.