• 4 weeks ago

Instead of letting you ruin 7 days a week, you only get 1 day a week now. Youll have to show up saturdays from 2pm to 2 am sunday if you want to read my bullshit. Im assuming youll be here next saturday like a cat hearing a bag of treats right? Dont waste your time for the meantime. Youre off the clock. Im lettung my hippy brain take back over and cutting myself off from the internet until I feel the need to vent again. You should probably not read any of it since it’s mean shit and you got enough on your plate. Get the fuck on with your life. We both know what needs to happen. Im a sad addiction riddled degenerate with no future or redeeming qualities. Keep your fucking distance and dont fucking look at me. Ill be a good little boy, I promise. Or a girl, for you honey, ill be whatever you want. Ill b ur bottom bb Ayyy lmao.