• 1 week ago

Got a lot of rejected proposals here too. Girls just don’t want to get married to dudes anymore. Even staying in relationship with you longterm or committing. I don’t blame them. I can’t blame them. No sane person can. Men have been absolute d_cks and f___ all this time and still a lot of them are. That’s why men are hated everywhere and wished continually dead. Nobody wants to get married to some abusive stinky dumb ugly useless shameless sexcrazed figure that has nothing even remotely cute or attractive or useful about him or a dude that constantly runs to his delusional disgusting egomaniac narcissistic hallucinations to avoid admitting facts and seeing the truth of the real world. Why would they. Now I’ll just be happy if any of them stay with me and tolerate being with me even for a day tbh and I know that’s way more than all of my dude friends got combined. They’ve failed to get any girls to like them even worse than me. They don’t deserve girls though because they’re abusers and lowlives and pathetic nutjobs that keep tripping that women should act like puppets. One of them f____ked a fag yesterday and now he wants to kill himself because he’s feeling “f____ked up” over it. I don’t blame anyone man or woman who hates men or guys and want men or guys dead and aborted honestly.