• 2 weeks ago

To: My husband never understand me.
Me: Don’t work 2 jobs to support him. He does not matter, you do.
Work only the job you want to and work only for as long as you want to, to earn the money you need to survive and don’t give him your money, bank it in your name, so only you have access to it.
If he does not lift his game and get a job and help with the bills, boot him out – depending on where you are and if you have kids, you can get the police to get rid of him and the Courts to keep him away from you, with a restraining order.
Don’t commit suicide, because then he will have won, he can easily replace you with someone else and he gets everything you have accumulated, together, for free.
If you don’t stand up to him eventually, then you never will.
My advice to you is to put on some hard shoes, that protect your feet and when he least expects it, kick him hard between his legs and crush his balls and if you feel particularly vindictive as he folds towards you, bring your knee up and bash him with it in his head.
If he asks you what you did that for, say nothing, you were just trying it out, for the next time he upset you and this was his warning of what to expect if he does not pull his weight in future.
He will be terrified of you and he will realize how vulnerable he really is and he should start putting in to your relationship, rather than taking out.
If he threatens you while he is down on the floor, wait until he starts to recover and then kick him in the balls again and tell him you warned him and how many more times do you have to do this, before he gives in to you.
If he ever hits you, automatically tell the police and front them with your injuries as proof and have them deal with him – don’t kill him, because you will probably end up in prison for life.
Only one person can rule in your household and obviously that is not you.