• 2 weeks ago

II knew at an early age I was gay. Raised by my Mom she was a constant in the church volunteering for everything and volunteering my also. I mowed the grass at the church and the parsonage and what ever needed done. We got a new minister when I was about 12 years old.Young and good looking. I feel in lovee with him.I went everyday after school and ask if he needed me to do anything. I had not had sex at that time but I knew what I wanted. One saturday he told my Mom he needed me to help in the parsonage all day. I got there that morning and he told me to come in and poured me a glass of milk and he had coffee. He ask me if I had a girlfriend and I said no.He said do you like boys and I said yes and he said I thought so. He said do you like me and I said yes.He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.He said this has to be our secret and I said I know. He kissed me on the mouth my first real kiss withhis tounge. He took my tee shirt off and slid my basketball shortss and under wear down I strpped out ogf them and he pulled me to him and we kissed for several minutes while he played with my ass. Finally he set me on the bed and took his ock out and ttold me to kiss it. I took it inmy mouth and started sucking my first guy.In only a few minutes he cum in my mouth my firstt taste of cum and I was hooked. He took his clothes off and got in bed with me and we lay there kissing and holding eachother. He finally said I like boys too. He went down on me and it was heaven I cum allmost instantly. We made love several times that day and we started having sex anytime we were alone. IN less that a month he fucked me for the first time and I loved it. He finally ask me to fuck him and I loved that to. Our relationship lasted until I graduated high school and went off to college where I met my now husband the only two men I have had sex with and I love them both