• 2 weeks ago

Riley Martin & Dr. Remulak spitroasted me on a Biaviian ship while O-Qua Tangin Wann used mind projection to probe and glaze me with alien juices from the inside out. The a fleet of Stygian and Targzissian ships attacked us and the gravity generator was knocked out, and we floated around the room and their dicks went all kinds of unnatural ways into my BACKSNATCH and SUCKHOLE and it was the greatest of feelings. The Biaviians were able to escape and head to a mothership, but we were all banged up and bruised. At the mothership they used their alien tech to heal us and give us each a 24 hour hormone boost that set our sex drives to 1000, and had about two dozen hybrids, of differing genitalia and breasts, sexually fulfill us in every way. Oh the Biaviians treated us to every kindness.

We got a sedative afterward, and after a restful sleep I awoke in my own bed, with only the alien-human juices inside and outside my body to let me know it was all real.