• 2 weeks ago

And yeah, those are my aspirations. That’s how high they are, and it’s not difficult to find either.

Reading your post again I don’t even know what you’re getting at. We you one those people who believes if a man dislikes one woman or a certain type of woman, they’re a woman hater? Do you actually believe that? Men shouldn’t have Ng standards? ALL women are likeable human beings who are e entitled to the love and respect of any man, no questions asked?

Because if you do, that’s crazy. That’s mindless. I’m right though too.

People should not be waiting wait 10 years for anyone. Why would anyone need to do that? That’s doesn’t sound like it’s meant to be. I think there’s definitely something under the surface which is preventing things from happening. Lots finally numerous issues preventing it from happening. Logically, I can’t say this for sure, but I don’t believe the root of these issues lay on the person waiting or trying for 10 years. I think the root of these issues lay with the person holding back. Mind you too it could be many things. Maybe the person waiting was just a fling, they believed it was more important than what it was, and they were even told it was nothing and eventually it’s over? That was me too at one time. They can’t believe it quite yet. Even after 10 years. Then it’s their own fault and they definitely need to move on and find what is right for them. Meet women who will love them without even needing to try.

But maybe the issues are the one holding out too. Technically they are giving what this person obviously needs, to other people. And that could be anyone from their current love, their kids, their family, or friends that they prefer to give their time too. If he is really unlucky, they are mentally kicking his ass at the direction of her.

In this case he needs to move on… And yes find people who love him for him. It’s easy for me. People tend to like me and it’s always been that way. I have never had a problem attracting people, unless I’m hung up like this guy is which again is what they need to break away, speak nothing of it, forget it, be yourself, be honest, reliable, let people see that, and eventually they’ll take to it. Have integrity.

Want an example of integrity that people will always remember? Right out of my playbook. Then other week my pay cheque had +15 hours than it should have. I could have gotten away with that and it likely would not have been discovered. First thing I did next day, catch my boss as be was leaving and tell him this.

He knows I am honest. I’ve had friends who said “I could out you in a room of 1,000,000 cash alone, and I know not one bill would be missing. That’s integrity. People see it. It’s important.