• 1 week ago

TO: The truth where dad user a vibrator for torture on you. EVIL!!! And very exciting!! I did that to a girl who thought she was gonna take me a couple ways. She had her vibe. I bought her a nicer one, and a nice tuck away clit vibrator I was saving till her b-day. For the occasion I bought a plug in Haitachi, nipple clamps, lots of batteries and more lube. We were taking a long weekend and everyone thought we were gone. She woke up tied well to the bed. She was awake when I inserted her vibrator in her nice butt. She was calling and cussing me every name you could think.
The other vibrator that moves around and vibes went up inside her wet pussy I had been licking. I ignored her and switched on the clit vibe I had put on her. Then I began getting her nice tits suckled up and fondled with her nipples ready for clamps. I tried to kiss her. Then I assisted the insanity orgasm torture almost every minute I was awake for nearly 4 full days. Total passing out orgasms for her. Me fucking her everywhere with a vibe in her other hole. Hell for her, but she became very submissive and never said a word. We never spoke again.