• 1 week ago

Trolls of the internet… y’all text these children:
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Simeon Scaggs
4474 Breckinridge way
Sacramento California 95838

Unemployment fraud, selling drugs from the home, illegal unregistered guns, sexual assault of domestic violence victims and moor…..

Your passwords are weak motherfukers!!!

Your rapist wanna be fuckboi brother is about to get you SWAT’d, arrested and charged!

Time for his ass to move, leave the state and try celibacy…….
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He needs to watch how he treats women and where he sticks his small dick

Tell that manipulative, lying misogynist asshole to delete EVERYTHING off the internet and his devices
( he knows what )

Cops KNOW all about you now thanks to Najee 707-342-4413…..

Respect #HA81 niggers