• 2 weeks ago

” The male sex chromosome, which is notoriously FRAGILE (LOLZ), has been shedding genes over the course of human evolution, leading some scientists to fret that male babies will no longer be born in 5 million years’ time. ”

We can speed this up by slaughtering all men immediately. Nature doesn’t want males around & neither does Basic Common Sense & Logic. Males lack the vital genetic assets needed for humanity to thrive peacefully & nature always wins! Everything men touch turns to shit. They’ve started wars, raped, robbed & mass murdered every group of people on the planet, pillaged lands, hunted animals to extinction, expended natural resourses, created wicked inventions & destructive theories, caused global warming & put a hole in the fucking ozone layer. Now they want to travel space & fuck up Mars too. Men are regulated by other men to reduce crime & destruction because even the men themselves understand how worthless & destructive men are, their self-known worthlessness also evident by the massive increase in male suicides. Good riddance! Let’s speed this up, Take a knife, put it under the pillow and consider NOT let him wake up in the morning. : )