• 7 days ago

Court denies Trump’s final bid to shield his taxes
The Supreme Court ruled to allow the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns, a decisive final defeat for the former president in his battle against prosecutors in New York.
After the brief, unsigned order from the court, investigators for the Manhattan district attorney’s office will collect the records from the law firm that represents Mr. Trump’s accountants, Mazars USA, according to people with knowledge of the matter.
Prosecutors, forensic accountants and analysts have been investigating Mr. Trump and his companies for a wide range of possible financial crimes. With the records, they will have a fuller picture of potential discrepancies between what the Trump Organization told its lenders and tax authorities. Read our investigation of Mr. Trump’s taxes from last year.
The investigation: The inquiry by the district attorney initially focused on hush money payments to two women who claimed to have affairs with Mr. Trump. But filings by prosecutors suggest they are also investigating potential crimes like tax and insurance fraud.
The New York Times
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