• 2 months ago

To: in terms of fixing unfairness in bitcoin,
Me: Bitcoin came crashing down, when investors lost “trust” in it and at one stage, it was advertised in the press that Bitcoin was pretty much bankrupt.
There has been a lot of “trying” to get people investing in it again and a common advert is some TV celebrity who has invested in it and made big profits.
Some shit about a scheme where when Bitcoin went up or down, a percentage went into my Bitcoin Account, so I never lost out and my Bitcoin savings grew, with just one $300 deposit.
I thought I’d invest the base amount ($300?) using my shopping account, so if there was a problem I could cancel my shopping account and stop it dead, so I was really surprised when Bitcoin tried taking $300 monthly from my shopping account, which was not what I had agreed to, at all.
I cancelled Bitcoin, only to discover that once they had their hooks into me, they were going to deduct that amount monthly, without me being able to stop them, if for example, that I had used my Mastercard and then they would have had free access to my Mastercard, until I cancelled it.
I put a notice through my bank that the funds were withdrawn against my wishes and I cancelled my shopping account and created a new one, which Bitcoin never had access to and I got a full refund of all of the money I had originally paid in.
Then Bitcoin tried to hook me back in with how much “my money” had gone up, since I got out of it and they quoted impressive figures, to draw me back in again, but I was not interested in playing the game anymore and stayed out and eventually they stopped sending me anything else.
Seems to me, you got sucked in and lost a fair bit, but that is entirely on you and believing that Bitcoin was worth anything, when in fact it was not – except as a means of extortion.
You had the same choices I had, but you believed in something which was never going to recover and you got aced, as a result.
Better do your background checks more thoroughly before you invest in any other Bitcoin, or other “investments” type, where they promise huge returns, but don’t actually deliver – if something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true and you get burned.
With regards to the racist stuff, keep that out of your posts – you are talking about things before you were born and about which you know little.
So you got burned by Bitcoin – you are not the only one who did – but not me, as it happens.