• 6 months ago

What Susan Del Percio was THINKing about this week when she wrote:

Trump knows prosecutors can’t wait for him to leave office. No wonder he’s stalling.

After working in politics for 30 years, I’m still astonished at how elected officials think of their campaign contributions: “I raised it; it’s my money.” Of course, they are aware that there are rules and regulations on how it may be spent, but they think of it as their own. In this regard, Donald Trump is no different from other politicians.

When Trump refused to concede the election, I didn’t see it as his being delusional. I saw a man who was scared of what would happen next — the next phase being that he would no longer have the legal protections of being president and would have to face the Manhattan district attorney and the New York state attorney general as a private citizen. He would have to hire a legal team, and it would cost him a lot of money.

By refusing to concede, Trump can keep raising money for an “Election Defense Fund.” This is not as elaborate a scheme as Trump University — but it’s a scam all the same.

Susan Del Percio is a Republican strategist and senior adviser to the Lincoln Project. She tweets @DelPercioS.
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