• 6 months ago

Why did you care? I’m homophobic as fuck, and at the same time I can’t really think of a single person ever worked with including currently that I cared even the slightest about there opinion or anything. I wouldn’t even care if they thought I was gay. Not even a bit. I almost wonder sometimes if I’m a psychopath am care so little, I just chalk it up to these are people I am forced to be around to work, I didn’t choose them as friends, this isn’t play time, and the work day always ends.

I mean I seriously don’t care, especially if there’s something about them I don’t like. Oh what’s that? You pulled out of a car wash in your new truck you got 2 weeks ago and a guy pulled into the parking lot, directly into you setting off every airbag in the truck?!? Bahahahahahaha! That is kind f funny when you homo about it.

He had a stroke? Jeez, I saw him wack a little sleeping bat off the wall with a broom hard end of a broom stick and I had to help the poor like fucker to come to and climb a wall.

I’ve know a few guys I work with that had strokes, and neither of them I really cared that may about because they are shitty people. I won’t gloat, I just don’t care.

It’s hard to care for good or bad if you don’t respect. I never make a fuss over what people think of me because chances are it doesn’t matter. If you have a stroke and I know you’re a piece of crap and a hat comes to me for a collection, don’t expect me to put anything in.

And if you’re an idiot and you smash up your new vehicle in an ironic way like coming out of a car wash, I might laugh. And then the work day will end eventually.

Also, I never say “ain’t” that is too “black trash” for me.

Seriously though, am I the only one that if I don’t like someone at work, nothing about them really matters to me? They could think I’m a gay fruitcake and I just don’t care? Maybe I’m that secure. The only thing I can equate it to is the feeling of “well, I am never going to see this person again, so who cares?” That feeling. I never talk about my own life to these people either. It’s strictly business. They are not even really people.