• 1 week ago

Been watching a lot of murders on TV and the common thread is that women put themselves in situations where they are expected to provide sex and then won’t and the male gets so aggressive that he rapes them and ends up killing them afterwards, trying to cover up his crime and get away with it.
If you are a party girl and you party hard and accept free drinks from anyone, be prepared to give out sex at the end of the evening, without fighting it, just spread your legs and take whatever you are given, irrespective of if you agree to it or not and you will walk away from that encounter, unhurt and if you have a problem with that fucking, then go to the police and report it, so the guy is arrested and can’t get to you and kill you and you have the evidence and his DNA in your cunt and panties, which is evidence which can be used to prosecute him.
Much better than resisting sex and being raped anyway and probably killed afterwards.
I don’t agree with rape and it is wrong, but better to have the fuck you did not want and be able to walk away from it than end up in a body bag dead and your life cancelled for good – it seems to me
A female friend was recently raped several times by the same person and its impact on her has been horrific, however, she got away from her rapist by not fighting him off and he let her go afterwards, so that as to be a win/win.
You have sex against your will, walk away afterwards is what has to be top in your mind.