• 2 weeks ago

Mixed black & white girls are some of the most insecure bitches on the planet. They want to be black women so bad but can’t bc they’re just simply not, they’re mixed. Idk why they have a difficult time grasping this. Especially since they rep being mixed all day long but then try to claim being black women whenever a situation of opportunity presents itself. They never claim to be white women, why? Bc no one wants to be a fucking damn white girl with that Labrador hair. Well,too bad bc you’re not a black woman either, you’re mixed. And bc of this rejection from us black women they’re mad at us who wont accept them & constantly try to compete with us like that goofy ass bitch in the comments. Lol! Yall watch our every move & want to be us so bad & stay getting your little feelings hurt. Mixed girls don’t care about not being considered white, but if a black person says they’re not black, its a problem? lol. Black dudes rap nonstop about how much they’re attracted to mixed girls yet they still feel the need to try & compete with us ANY time they see us happy with our damn race of men Lolololol. At the end of the day, they don’t care what black dudes think, it’s all about what we black women think & mixed are soooo bothered by it. Lol. You’re not a black woman, get over it. Like girl, go get your black man who only wants you for sex & social status & go be mixed & happy. We don’t care about your feelings or what you doing. Do you know how black men there are on this planet? Have you seen the types of pro black sexy ass big body long dick dreaded up black men who only want black women? And you think we finna cry over that sloppy second ass passed ass dude you got? Lmaoooooooooooo. Stopppp. We had him first sweety. No one wanted him so he chose you. Congrats. Mixed girls want us to hurt sooo bad lolol. Everyone wants to be a black girl & obsess over us lol go away losers!!! I swear the earth is high school & we black woman are the queen B’s & all yall mad. Stay MADDDD! Every other race of women has a this silly ass grudge agaisnt black girls lololol. Youre all just haters bc you cant break us. Weve slanders to hell & back & still would be US than YOU! And thats what hurt you all the MOST! LOL. We’ll stay being the hated, the hottest, the trendiest, the most educated, the meanest, the loudest & there’s nothing you little jealous, obsessive insecure weak ass bitches can do about it except cry in the comments online bc you damn sure don’t EVERRRRRR bring any of this to our faces bc you KNOW you’ll get that ass wopped. So carry on hating on us, you peasants, with your cute little anti-black woman hashtags proving how bad you want our attention. 🎶 You aint poppin if you aint got no haters 🎵