• 4 weeks ago

Why can’t there be euthanasia for mental illness? Why should somebody like me have to suffer in a situation that’s basically permanent ? I’m tired of going to therapy I’m tired of being a burden on society. My problem just isn’t fixable and I’m never going to adapt to the live of isolation that’s been bestowed upon me . I want out I don’t want out now I’m tired of this. I live a life of daily agony. I’m tired. It’s not fair to me and it’s not fair to the people that have to deal with me either. I’m actually jealous of folks that are terminally ill in my state and can get a doctors prescription to end things peacefully . For as much as I suffered being alive why the hell can’t I have at least a death with dignity? I don’t want some good Samaritan to save me and I sure as hell don’t wanna fuck it up. That’s the only thing keeping me here that’s the only answer. Animals are wonderful but it’s not the same thing as a human being. I want conversation I want to be included goddamnit I want a hug I want someone to love me passionately. I don’t wanna live like this I don’t care how much money I have it’s not worth it. Shouldn’t there be some mercy in the law Did somebody has the right to not want to live like an Incel because that’s what I am it’s the truth. I’m sorry to the people who have had to suffer right along with me by dealing with me day in and day out. Because the truth is the hackers here have probably the most consistent thing in my life lately. Sad but true. Shit I wouldn’t be surprised if half of you probably even left. I’m sorry to all of you. If I had a full proof way out I wouldn’t be posting right now I promise you I just live in fear I’m going to fuck it up.