• 6 months ago

I’m wondering just how fucking retarded Biden and all the Democrats can get. Here’s the cold hard facts , Joe; it doesn’t matter how much of a fuck-up Trump is, if you put a cunt on the ticket it is a 100% guaranteed loss. You’re obviously too stupid to do the research, so let me remind you of the elections of 2016, 2008, and 1984. And maybe Joe should seek some mental counseling since he’s obviously suicidal. Hypothetically, lets say Joe wins with a cunt beside him; if it’s a white cunt the NOW will kill him before Inauguration Day. If it’s a black cunt the niggers will kill him. Joe must be harboring some serious suicidal tendencies! So, yes, I don’t deny Trump is a total fuck-up, but we have no choice but to vote for him. If the Dems manage to get a cunt in the Oval Office via assassination, the U.S.A. will be gone within a month. So vote Trump if you want to stay American, vote Biden if you want to be Chinese or sand nigger a year from now.