• 5 months ago

To: i’m a 20 year old girl trying to stop watching porn.
Me: Porn is an addiction, just like any other addiction, however, with porn, you can satisfy yourself, without needing anybody else to do that with you and that is a really good thing to be able to do.
I’ve been into porn since I first had the opportunity to get pictures of naked women, I’m a guy, when pictures were censored and I did not know what was down there, on women, to the ways things are now, with everything on display and I occasionally blow my load, because for me, there is no other way now, to do that.
Be careful what you wish for is my advice – much better a female who knows what sex is all about and how to orgasm herself, than relying on a partner to do that instead and probably being left out of it and high and dry afterwards.
You are young and you still have life’s experiences ahead of you.
How about you let your life lead you into relationships and let relationships replace the need you presently have for porn and then everything will sort itself out for you naturally.