• 1 week ago

This fuckbuddy won’t stop bothering my bf, she been texting him to sleep with her, try to get with him at every chance she get. I told my bf to text her back telling her to back off but she replied that she can talk to him whenever she want.

My bf had to talk to her in private at school to stop bothering him then he blocked her, 6 months later it’s my bf birthday and she decided to sent him a balloon 🎈 and a letter, he told me straight away and he ripped her letter. I did ask what she wrote, he said he ripped it before he read it. This bitch is crazy and stupid, my bf tried so hard to get rids of her calling her a used cum rage and that doesn’t go into her thick skull 💀 and I even told her she is just a fuck buddy that he doesn’t even bother putting efforts in. He declined to be her Valentine Date and he declined to be a thing with her.

I broke down on the day she sent him gift, because he moved house and she basically stalked him and found out his new address. I can’t have this crazy bitch stalking him like this for the rest of his life, I told him in tears that I’m not going to marry him… Get rids of her now or I won’t marry you that’s what I said.

The next day, he told me that she won’t be bothering us anymore. That bitch will move states. It turn out her nudes got leaked with her face in it throughout the school online system. Since that bitch is underage, her parent would have to move her to another school most likely moving to another state. That bitch stopped going to online classes. I feel no remorse whatsoever. All the pain and suffering she caused me, even if she hang herself, I would feel happy about it. Not gonna lie. But I doubt that she going to kill herself because she got a loose screws in her head.

My bf heard from the boys said she been sending her nudes to 6 different guys 🙄 My bf is my future husband, if she gonna be a slut, be a slut elsewhere. Stop bothering my relationship. I don’t regret it, her nude leaked around this age is not going to affect her much in the future. Anyway, that bitch would never know who did it and she’s not going to learn her lesson.

I really wanted to know what happen to her but no one know.., the only thing I learned from this is that my man would do anything for me and that I’m an evil person when it comes to losing someone important to me. I think I would be very happy if she suffer and die.

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