• 2 weeks ago

My little sister found me in the kitchen cooking breakfast so I offered her some. She said sure. We have been getting along better now than when the covid 19 had first put us on lockdown. She hadn’t even brushed her pretty hair. The large nipples on her fine little tits were standing proud in her t-shirt. I could see the dried cum I had squirted on her face late last night while she slept. It glazed much of the right side and the sight made my balls tingle thinking about how I had jacked off on her again. She had swallowed some and I actually fingered her small virgin pussy for the first time as well as fondling her breasts. “You look a little rough do you feel okay?” “Yea I just haven’t washed up yet.” After we ate she went to shower. I watched as best I could. She saw the cum on her face in the mirror but probably had no idea what it was. I have cum on her like 13 times now while she’s sleeping and she has never mentioned stuff on her face. Holy shit she decided to rub herself this morning so I joined her at my peephole that gave me a pretty good view and rubbed out my own orgasm at the same time.

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