• 1 month ago

I remember this one time last year in middle school, I was just chilling by a big puddle in the park with my bros, my other bros were playing smash, so me and my other bro were waiting our turn. So I was checking out the big puddle when suddenly some fucker decides it would be so fucking funny to shove me from behind into the pond, now keep in mind that I was kneeling, and if I didn’t have super fast reflexes, I would have been soaked from head to toe in dirty ass water, but fortunately my instincts kicked in, only my legs got soaked, I stood up and looked at the bitch that shoved me, he was laughing, I said “fuck you”, he was still laughing like he pulled some funny ass stunt, my bro was also like “fuck you”. I was ready to unleash my fury, but I knew better than to start a fight for something so stupid, and also, we weren’t in school, so no one would’ve been able to save that kids ass from getting annihilated by me, I would’ve left his spine coming out of his ears and screwed his head on backwards, hell I would’ve made him literally eat his own ass! But thankfully due to my years of training, I was able to contain my anger. But I was still furious, that incident gave me a burst of energy! I was filled with adrenaline! But after like an hour I got home and I lost interest in that bitch and that whole incident so who cares?

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