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After my younger brother suffered the sudden, untimely death of his beloved spouse, I felt a calling to comfort him emotionally in whatever way I could. He couldn’t cope and was suicidal with his references. We spoke on the telephone more than once everyday. Finally per his invitation, I chose to visit him a few hundred miles away. We have always been close, exchanging “I love you” on the telephone daily. I desired to comfort him however I possibly could. I had lost my second spouse to cancer many years earlier and had no interest in finding another. My
brother is 65, I’m 69.
Suffering from major depression, I knew he needed me emotionally more than anything else.
Like me, he lives in a two bedroom townhouse. From our lengthy dialogue[s] on the telephone, I knew they only have one queen sized bed which we would have to share. It would be nostalgic for us ; due to lack of heat in the winter in our rented house when he was 5 & 6 years old, he used to sleep with me. Here we are 60 years later. I need to mention that my brother & I share a lot in common including daily reading of the bible, indicating how our sharing a bed identifies with biblical verses as well.
At our age, we weren’t embarassed seeing each other naked when it was time to retire. We are a man & woman with our different physical anatomies. And we both like to sleep naked. Of course we quickly felt the need to cuddle in a spoon position. He may have known however I was surprised at how rapidly our spooning sparked his sexual arousal. I was astonished as he seemed to sprout his fully erect penis almost immediately. Being a man, he couldn’t help but to begin thrusting his hips instinctively into mine from behind. For reasons beyond me, all I could do was think of my brother & I portraying the roles of biblical characters. He kept whispering old testament names of Sarah and Leah as he slowly ground his genitalia near the mound of my vulva. It had been so long since I felt so womanly, I could barely moan. Per the bible, I will be silent and merely submit. After a time I felt his glanspenis find my slice and loving cavity as he filled me to capacity. He was amazing to feel at his best as he did his duty. Not able to feel his semen however I knew he seeded me by his satisfying, deep moans of pleasure.
Naturally we continued our biblical, familial expression of love until my deferred departure.

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