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Let me tell you all about Heather. Besides being a convicted criminal. That’s nine time she’s gone to jail for not being able to control her self. She likes Fightin’ and she thinks that she’s above the law. In other words she can set boundaries for other people but you better not dare set them for her. Whether it’s punching someone out in self-defense or hate punching a customer that comes through the drive-through where she works because you know they asked for a new bag of fries Heather does what Heather wants because it’s all about Heather. A child who was never told no. This is the attitude she has taken into her adult life where she puts her fist into the face of anyone who doesn’t give her her way. She also likes define vulnerable people like me who are either handicapped or lonely and befriend them… Then she uses them to suck whatever she can and then disappears. She’s done it to me, and she’s even done it to a handicapped older woman that was missing legs. See the way she plays it is she pretends to be your very best friend and what do you knowYou guys are twinsies ! She likes everything that you like you betcha. She does that again your trust so you’ll give her a lot of shit. So you think you found this wonderful loving, caring lifelong friend. But then after Heather gets what she needs from you or she finds you know fresh blood somewhere else she drops you I’m just gonna do you like your dead. And you better not dare ask what happened or try to come after her to talk or she’ll put her fist in your face or try to kill you with an ashtray something violent because now you have to fuck off… Don’t you understand goddamnit the scams up I don’t need you anymore. So kind of like unless you want to be fucked up either physically or have your shit hacked into her beginning stock do you know fuck off she’s done. She uses and manipulates the system in many ways. Whether it’s a participate in an organized crime, freaking disabilities or using her own child like a cash cow she really doesn’t care. She will manipulate anyone and anything to her benefit. And she’s “nice “to you until she gets what she needs then she’s history. I am one in a long line of many. But see like the dummy I am in the eight months that went by from the first time when she tried to physically crash cracked my skull open and told me that I would be going home in a body bag from Alabama because I upset her… In the meantime she recruited people to gang stock me she wire tapped our phones both me and my parents which the Apple Store found let’s see she hacked into my Facebook she read all my emails she’s been in my bank account and my parents she’s hacked all my credit reports she’s called friends and family to get dirt yeah she’s done a lot of kind of shitty stuff oh and then there was like telling me that I should kill myself every day but you know being the kind hearted person I am I still for gave her when she came around again two months later and tried to be her friend again… And of course she took what she needed And then disappeared again when Bozo her boyfriend re entered the picture, and distance yourself from me well being as cruel as humanly possible to the point I actually self injured and almost tried to kill myself one night over it and add her encouragement… That’s how nasty she was then she finally use the fact that I snapped and sent her a bunch of nasty text messages back as a reason for why she would never talk to me again then she ghosted again and I haven’t heard from her in real life anyway since March 12. But right before that happened she had asked me for $300 she could borrow which I wasn’t able to do at that time that probably had something to do with her disappearance so when the day came that she got her really large tax refund check she ghosted me and I never heard from her again except on here I’m tormented and harassed for existing. She also probably doesn’t mention in the meantime probably the thousands of dollars that I have spent trying to be a friend or help her out where I could see the one time that I didn’t have the 300 that she needed to gone. So yeah she was a really really quality person. And a true friend… Yeah my ass. I think it’s about the time the people heard the truth. The only side you get is a side of how I’m demonized and I abused her. No I was abused every fucking which way financially, emotionally, physically my life was threatened I was encouraged to commit suicide. Monster. Monster. Monster. Says she’s so angry right now that I exist how dare I still exist when she’s done with me but now she’s going to really give it to me right do you see all her death threats like she’ll do whatever it takes because it’s going to be her way. This is the “good “ person she is

I have gone out of my way to try to talk to this person even if we couldn’t be friends to try to have some kind of peace and each time I got a death threat or warning how she would cut my insides up or you know then burn my corpse and suck it or God knows what else light like can’t even remember her promises were. I don’t know maybe other people have let you do this step on them and boil them but you’ve got another thing coming bitch if you think I’m gonna take it no more

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