• 2 months ago

The decision to become the horse’s bitch was my own
Me: Bestiality, under all Western Democracies is totally illegal and if you are caught practicing it punishments in prison can be extreme, along with everyone in prison deriding you, for your sexual practices, which might be a bit hard to handle.
That said, look up Bestiality on the internet and horse sex, to see what others do, to handle the size issues which you mention.
Check BDSM sites, to see if you can find “equipment” which might double for a restraint when you are being fucked, so that the penetration is not extreme.
Look around your kitchen appliances to see if you have anything there that you can modify to do the job, instead.
My partner has some metal strainers for straining foods cooked in water, like rice, cabbage and so on and there are several with a handle on both sides, which could be modified to work as a strong metal restrainer, if the mesh was cut out and a strong leather or material padding glued over the metal end, with Superglue or better yet Araldite, so that damage is not done to you, or your “partner” when he is penetrating you, more fully.
Russia and Siberia were, historically, the places where horse sex seemed more prevalent, previously although these days, it pretty much seems to be more common everywhere.
You need to consider consequences, if your horse penetrates your colon and you bleed out, you die and he starves to death and that is not a win– win for anyone.
Take precautions to ensure your ongoing health and safety and don’t share your sexual preferences with anyone you know in real time, as the fewer who know, if any, the more chance you have of continuing with it for as long as you like.
Perhaps you should also try fisting yourself, as you can, from the front or the back to see if that does anything for you as well, since you will be loose, size wise, so to speak.

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