• 3 days ago

I hate you. Thats not bluffing or anytbing like that. I mean it. You’re a shitty person, you know it, and its alright.

I can think of at least 5 places I would rather be than with you. I think you attract a lot of shitty people who are a problem and thats the way you like it. I dont think you need me, I think you have many people who you are fond of, who are fond of you and they’re trouble makers who cant control themselves. But the bottom line is I dont like you.

So no, I dont miss you. I have places, I dont need you. Theres nothing there to miss with you. You brought no value what so ever. You were colr and empty. You gave nothing. You were ingenuine when we were together. You never wanted to be around. I stopped missing you many many many years ago when I got real. Im not as stupid as your usuals. You know that. Im better than that shit. You dragged me down to a level I dont like to be at. And when I tried to change how I approached you and myself the way I reacted or was being an asshole, when I stopped that and made an effort to be less dyfunctional thats when we fell apart. You brought out the worst in me. Thats because I dont like you though and I forgot I power to just call it and be done with it for my own well being. You’re not my type. I need a sweet scincere woman. Not you. You are lower than worthless to me. Nothing good.

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