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Male physical abuse in relationships

When news of the coronavirus shutdowns began to break, Joan* says she felt sick.
Key points:

One woman said she did not feel safe calling for help with her abusive partner around

“He was going to be here 24/7, it was a nightmare,”

Joan had been in an abusive relationship but felt she could access help when she needed.

“He would go to work and there was time for myself,” she said.

But the lockdown meant those moments of privacy were gone.

She had been planning on leaving her partner. Now, that felt impossible.

“It is like being stuck, in the worst way possible. I felt hopeless. And then the beatings started,” she said.

Joan, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, ended up seeking help through an online chat function late one night.

“Hopping on the phone and calling wasn’t an option,” she said.

Me: Kick him in the balls as hard as you can (when he least expects it) and I bet he stops his beatings really quickly, he won’t want to come near you, when he knows you will kick him there again – I bet you!!

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