• 1 week ago

I read a confession like the person mad at nther person for currupting people and situations and I apply it to myself not being the corruptor, but Ive been screwed in the head pretty hard and I took it alone and it did change me, for example Im mid 40’s now in my mid 20’s I wanted to gwt myself together and at that time get my name in the phone book for people who might happen to want to find me. It was a goal a d I remeber telling that to a woman I knew. What happened was the oposite, I got myself relatively together but I feel I need to hide. So I read a post like that, and I think to myself god damn it… where the hell did I go so wrong that the purest truest people from a more incent time, it was all just chance that we were where we were, when we were, at that time, and because of that innocent pure truth at that time that we shared then, there’s this thing that is real that all these years later I read that and think “could it be?….” and it makes me wonder how the hell I ever let that get away from me more than once. Nothing has ever held up to it and moat people would say “nah… you were too young… thats impossible it was THIS not THAT” I would almost think that too, but no. Thats bullshit, its very possible.

In reality though, I’m the same me I just dont show it without people proving to me they’re worth it UNLESS you are the real deal from that time. Then, you have nothing to prove to me at all. I know, and you know I know too. You know me. You know damn well how I feel. And you know you can trust me with anything too. It’s that deep.

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