• 6 months ago

My wife is in her 70s.. i am a few years younger. I am having an affair with a co worker a few years younger than i am.. It is awesome. she sucks me, lets me give her anal. we lick and finger each other everywhere. cum in her mouth.. we are crazy with passion. I can’t help but ask her all about her past sex life.. sucking her boyfriend starting about 15 or 16..a couple BJ’s with a guy she worked with.. no sex. then still a teen married.. a boyfriend a few years after her divorce.. the about ten years of no sex. i wish we could be more.. but it is complicated after so many decades kids and grandkids together.. My lady also teases and pleases by ”accidentally”(wink) giving college kids upskirt panty peeks and such. awesome c cup heavy tits.. she drives me wild and i love it..

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