• 6 months ago

hi, i was fallsly acussed of rapeing a girl. it was after hours at school and nobody was around. i was geting ready to go home when i saw her siting up against the lockers asleep. i walked over and woke her up and told her that she had fallen asleep. she stood up and gave me a hug and started crying. i asked her what was wrong and she told me her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. i asked her if she needed a ride home and she said yes. we got in the car and i asked her where she lived and she told me that she was living with her now ex boyfriend and that he kicked her out. i asked if she had anywhere els she could go and she said no. i asked if there was anyone i could call and she told me no. she then asked if she could crash at my place. i could not say no, so i told her that i would take her home. we got to my house and she said that she needed to take a nap and try to rest. i set up the spare bedroom for her and she went in and layed down. that night i went to check on her because she had not come out in several hours and it was time for dinner. i walked in and she was laying on the bed naked with no covers. i was in shock. i turned away. but she woke up and asked what i was doing and i tried to explain that i was sorry but before i knew what had happend she got up and grabbed my dick out of my pants and started to lick it. i figured that she was ok with it so i had sex with her. she did not try to resist the whole time. when we were done she got up and left. i began to wonder where she was going. i could not find her anywere. next morning the cops were at my door. i opend the door and they arrested me. i asked what it was about and they told me that i had raped a girl the night before. i told them that they had the wrong guy that she gave me consent. they then prosseded to tell me that she came to the police station and claimed that i had forced her. i told them step by step what had happen the night beffore and they did not listen. i spent 5 years in prison. i finaly got out 1 year ago and i thought that i would share my story of how i was fallsly acussed of rape. this kind of thing happens all the time to people and it needs to stop.

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