• 7 days ago

Oh, it’s not me that needs to cry. I’m not the one out chasing what doesn’t belong to me and getting mad at what is out of my control.

I think it’s kimd of funny. I have no problems. You on the other hand, are pathetic. Why don’t YOU throw another temper tantrum and do something foolish to make it worse?

You cant have it. There is nothing you can do about that and you should have been more wise about the whole thing. You can borrow it I guess but nothing you do or don’t do will ever changethe fact that it doesn’t belong to you. I think you should wash your hands of the whole thing, quit wasting your time and begin the search for something of your own. I know you won’t, you’re not strong enough but clearly it’s not this. You don’t belong there and you never will. The bar is set far too high.

You should listen to me. I’m more experienced than you are.

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