• 2 weeks ago

Girl you need to respect yourself way more! Your heart isn’t for free so don’t give it away and your time ain’t worthless so don’t spend it on some loser guy that don’t deserve it! You’re the one who can free yourself by giving life and the guys that bother you a massive juicy middle finger and do your own thing. A while later you’ll be happy and successful and would look back and cringe so hard about how you once had the illusion of “being in love” with that creepy freak. Then you can laugh at the loser he is. Don’t do this to yourself. I realize you really are in love with the idea of being in love but for the love of god develope that illusion with some dude that at least would be deserving of having your time or a dude that at least be harmless for you. You’re free even if the backward society or abusers told you otherwise. So now go out there, break any chains that halt your progress and live your life however you want and become a better stronger person and shine bright. 😉

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