• 2 weeks ago

My first kiss was my at 13. It was given by someone 22. He forced himself onto me, he kissed me, removed my clothing, and gave me my first blowjob. I was hating every moment of it. He then forced my to suck him till he came. I hated it, he forced my head into his lap for what felt like hours. The taste of his seamen was discussing. The then forced me into the back seat of his car and forced me to “ass up”. He forced him self in me. It hurt so much. It went on all night and he just never stopped. 5 years later to today I’m in a loving relationship with a woman who actually cares for me and this still haunts me. The worst part is that I never reported him and only 1 person other than my self knows. He is still out there. For so long I questioned my sexuality because of him. Fuck you Nathan. You hurt me and I don’t know how to get you out of my head.

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