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Coronavirus -this might save your life:
We are all getting fed up with Coronavirus, yet the world has gone into lockdown and even I am restricted from leaving my home unless it is essential that I do and projected forecasts suggest that this could be for up to 18 months forward from today.
The common myth that “swallowing or gargling” with oils, salt water or other home remedies can cure you
A man tilts his head to the ceiling as he gargles water.
Photo: Can gargling salt water help with coronavirus? (Flickr: Steve Mileham)

Who is saying this? The internet. Social media. Your neighbours/friends/family?

What exactly are they saying? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, there have been a couple of myths around swallowing or gargling essential oils, salt water and other home remedies as a way to cure coronavirus.

How widespread is this? It appears to be a common enough query to prompt Johns Hopkins to respond to it on their website.
This is what the experts told us:

Once you’re infected there is very little chance these would work, Professor Purcell says.

“The virus introduces genetic material into your body, so you have to get rid of the cell itself,” he said.

“While some of these things [antibacterial mouth washes] can kill a virus on a sheet of stainless steel, once it’s in your system, you might reduce the amount of virus that you’re shedding, but you need your immune system to do the job.”

Professor Oliver agrees, although he suggests that traditional medicines do “have some efficacy around various conditions”.

“But even when they work, they don’t work as well as Western medicines,” he said.

“Even if they are successful one day, like with herbal teas and so on, part of the problem is that it’s really hard to know whether that effect could be replicated on the next day.

“Whereas a drug designed in a lab is made to be the same each time, and you also know something of the safety measures used to make the drug.”

Me: I have “suggested” that any of you who are interested, might try my Salt Water cure:

1 heaped teaspoon of Salt in a mug of warm water (because it is easier to breathe in, than cold water) .

Cup your hand and “sniff or snort” the contents “up your nose” and spit out anything which comes into your mouth, down the back of your throat, much higher up than gargling, right?

AT NO TIME HAVE I EVER SUGGESTED YOU “GARGLE” WITH SALT WATER – that will have absolutely no effect on the virus, because it is airborne and you breathe it into your head (If you are a nose breather – as we all must be now) and the virus incubates in the warm, wet tissues, inside your head and infects your body from there.

“The virus introduces genetic material into your body, so you have to get rid of the cell itself,”

If you have a sore reaction, then the virus has introduced genetic material into your head, so you have to get rid of the cell itself – so you need to repeat this salt water sniff or snort, 3 times a day (or more) until the soreness has gone, when you won’t have whatever virus it was, anymore.

I have been doing my salt water cure since 1995 and I have never had a cold virus, or any other virus since then and I never have the yearly antibiotic injection for the expected yearly colds and flu – because my salt water cure works for me and I share it with you, as I expect it will work for you too, especially as there is nothing else.

It is easy enough: Do you or don’t you?

I always do, even when I’m not sure if I have a virus.

Best Wishes…..

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