• 6 months ago

I work at a call center, If you are calling me that means either you have a technical issue ( which is understandable) or you are just a stupid ass hole who has managed to keep your job some how. If you call me and I determine that your just fucking stupid I will be getting your info and placing you on hold for around 20 minutes, and not because I have to look up a lot of info or because I care, just because your stupid and you are calling me about things you should already know, sometimes we will get “disconnected” because your questions are so ridiculous that I will give you the opportunity to figure it out on your own. Right now I have a customer who should have followed up with an email, he would have gotten his answer very fast if he would just do what he should have done but now this answer is going to take as long as I want to give him, either he waits or hangs up and either way is okay with me.

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