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  • I hate reading something like this because I know people, women in particular, I simply don’t care at this point in time. It was literally a train wreck to me. It was like being taken on the worst fucking ride of your life, that you never wanted to get on in the first place. It was literally the worst thing I have ever experienced, no exaggeration, and like I said at this point fuck it I don’t even care I just want it to fuck off, and for fuck sake not contaminate my life any further. For fuck sakes. I don’t even care about it, or her feelings about it, or anything. I wish it would go away. I mean that. I’m tired of being reminded of it for any reason. You’re sorry, you like to see what kind of shit you did first hand because you’re twisted like that, whatever, honestly I don’t care. I hate everything about it. Everyone involved, and I do mean hate. It’s like the most irritating pile of fucking shit I have ever fucking witnessed. It still kind of pisses me off how anyone in the fucking world actually has time or want to actually get into something as disgusting as that whole thing, willingly. I got dragged into that. Train wreck. Nothing was ever good between her and I. I am actually more insulted, I actually want to slap you around for choose those god damn people over me. That is a fucking insult. I would smack the fucking shit out of you for that alone you fucking dumb cunt. talk about me to them you stupid cunt….

    But then there’s other women who I say it’s alright. Don’t worry about it. I’m still open, I see you, please don’t disappear maybe we can be good some time. They might even think they did me wrong with certain things that hurt me, and it did hurt, but it was nothing. That was fuck all compared to what I know, but she might think it was bad or it might make me see her as not a good person, maybe I hold a grudge, that is laughable compared to the one above. bad.. I don’t hold anything against her. She’s a fucking angel

    Anonymous January 22, 2020 3:55 am Reply
  • You have never shared actually with me anything. I am no one important and i understand. You could never open up to me and may be never will ever..

    Anonymous January 22, 2020 8:31 am Reply

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